Meeting Kim

Monday, I was very blessed to be meeting a long-time, *virtual* friend of mine from xanga.  I can’t tell you how excited (and a touch of nervous, hehe) I was to finally get to meet her after 5 years!  We discovered each other while she was living in the States and homesteading in Missouri(?); I was a recent college graduate and dreaming of my own little homestead.
I brought along a small bag of yarn for her kids to crochet whatever their hearts could dream up.  Grant (her middle child) was already set to working on a hat for his younger sister not two minutes after I explained to him the whole bag was his (to share with his family of course).  ðŸ™‚  And I’m told his older sister was happy to pick up the hook after we left (she was a bit shy).  
Me & Kim
I love how similar Kim & I are.  The more we got to talking the more similarities we discovered.  (And I completely agree, Kim — if only we were neighbors!)  I guess when you share one love (homesteading) together, you’re bound to find more to share.  Does anyone else experience this in their life?
Check her out!  Kim is the creator behind Charis Baby Designs and sails full-time on a sailboat with her family of 5.  She blogs about it here (when she can find wifi, that is) and uses a solar panel to power her laptop and sewing machine.  
(I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of that energy independence & her amazing talent at the sewing machine.  Have you seen her etsy shop!?)

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