Rocky Coast Cardigan

For the past month I have finally committed and allowed myself to knit on a personal project that is all for me (thus why you haven’t seen any new projects for the shop here or on Instagram).  I’ve had the Rocky Coast Cardigan pattern for over a year (last Christmas) and with the gift of some beautiful alpaca yarn, the time felt right to cast on.

As of today, I have frogged it twice: once for too many rows (having miss interpreted the pattern) & second to go up one size.  Yesterday I tried on my cardigan only to discover it fit just a little too snug for my preference :-\

Slipping the sleeves onto my “holders” – aka paper clips

Hopefully third time’s the charm…

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2 thoughts on “Rocky Coast Cardigan

  1. Kim says:

    Good feeling to actually make something for your self huh?!!
    That looks really soft! your Very talented too!! I wish I had time to learn that!!

    • knittedhome says:

      Oh my goodness, is it ever! If I only stop being such a perfectionist and just get going on it, hehe. I’ve never made anything with such luxurious yarn – I think that is part of my perfectionist’s problem = I don’t want to mess it up (aka waste it)!
      I’d love to teach you, Kim! I bet we could find an hour or something and teach you via Google Hangouts. Maybe you could be my beta tester for an online knitting class if you’re interested? 😉

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