First e-Pattern

I’ve been writing my own patterns nearly as long as I’ve been knitting + crocheting.  However, it was only when I started teaching + using my simple, beginner patterns that I started to seriously write them out for others to use. 

Luckily my students have been very forgiving as well as constructive critiques to help me get the pattern written correctly for beginners to follow easily.  

You can check out the new pattern here. 

Does anyone else write + sell their own patterns?  What words of advice would you offer?  I’d love to check out your work; please leave a link to your listing in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “First e-Pattern

    • knittedhome says:

      Hi Kim, yes! It is uploaded as a pdf to Etsy so a soon as anyone purchases it, it is automatically emailed to them. πŸ™‚ You should sell your pictures this way!

      • Kim says:

        Good for you, I know people who sell patterns seem to really do well , Keep up the good work! I’ll go take a look!
        I’ve thought about trying to sell photo’s that way….. but never do it yet~

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