Best Open House Yet!

Saturday, Michael’s hosted their quarterly open house to garner up some excitement + new student sign ups for spring and summer projects.  I’m excited to say it was my best Open House yet! 

I had 4-6 new students sign up for beginner classes (Crochet was the forerunner 4 to 1!) and I scheduled two future classes – one in August(!) for crochet boot cuffs + one in July(!) for my newest crochet cowl.  That one #newproductdesign that I’ve been blowing up your Instagram feed with? 

Shell Crochet Cowl on Instagram |

Yeah, that’s the one I’ll be teaching in July.  Four ladies are already signed up for it and I think two sisters might ALSO be joining us for it.  *clicks heels*. 

I think my favorite part of the day was feeling a kindred spirit connection with one young lady who will “be starting middle school next year.”  And she (and her mom) couldn’t stop saying how excited she is for all these (6!!) classes.  😀

 It’s going to be a super fun summer!  How did your weekend turn out?

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