May’s ePattern: The Spring Shell Beanie

Since I am photographing the process + illustrating each pattern with these images, I am finding it takes a lot longer to get these patterns polished up + ready to publish.  So I am planning to list one a month.
 Spring Shell Beanie Crochet PATTERN Instant Download from Etsy

This month’s pattern is the Spring Shell Beanie, inspired by these granny squares.  
It begins with your basic granny square but then continues to increase and build upon itself until you have a cute, simple + breezy beanie.  I love the way the shell pattern is highlighted against the backdrop of one’s hair (depending on the contrast between the beanie color + one’s hair color).  
This pattern makes the perfect spring hat as it allows the breeze to cool your head while also keeping you warm against any chill or dampness.

This month you can get $2 off your purchase with coupon code: 1Pattern4Me

Who will you make a hat for + what color will you make your Spring Shell Beanie?

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