Seeding the Vegetable Garden + A Trip to the Zoo

I’m happy to say the rest of the vegetable garden has been planted + now we wait!

EJ + I planted the bush green beans + bush wax beans after her afternoon nap on Sunday(?).

Then Tuesday we planted the beets + kohlrabi after her one long nap in the afternoon.

You see, we had a very eventful Tuesday morning discovering the newly renovated Toledo Aquarium with our buddies (who only takes 1 afternoon nap so it has been hard for his mama + I to plan a playdate).

EJ handled the skipped morning nap pretty well considering she was rubbing her eyes an hour before we even got to the zoo.  I am so proud + thankful she was such a trooper!  She really enjoyed watching all the sharks + fish swim around behind the glass walls.

She impressed me even more by eating such a decent lunch before finally going down for her nap — and she was out like a light!  It is so refreshing for both of us when she naps so well πŸ™‚

So not only did I get to sit outside, enjoy the sun and get boring household paperwork completed, I was feeling motivated to finish planting the garden!

I do relish these “perfect” days — especially on those not-so-stellar ones.  So I always try to savor the moments + burn them into my memory for future relishing.

What’s got you beaming with contentment + pleasure?  Do you remember to savor your “perfect” moments as they occur or do you only notice them upon later reflection?

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