Improve Your Reach with #Hashtags

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a holdout for using hashtags when they first arrived on the social media scene.  I thought they looked so dumb in text updates + sometimes I couldn’t even read them right away because they were so long.  I was disgusted + turned off by them.

And then I started dabbing in Instagram tags. #CrochetersofInstagram #KnittersofInstagram #EtsySeller #EtsyShop.

And then I tried a few more specific ones #SpringShellBeanie #MiniCowl and my favorite #NaptimeSuccess.  And the glee I’ve experienced(!) when I discovered I’ve created a “new” hashtag (aka, there are no other photos listed with said hashtag).  I love continuing to tag more images of mine with these unique tags to create a personal collection of projects.

Which is what hashtagging is all about!  To collect similar images together that fit a specific demographic, image style, image subject, audience, and more!

Why did I not try this sooner??  So many new connections have now been opened to me to experience new like-minded creators + inspirations!  Not to mention the amount of traffic I’ve gained on Twitter + Instagram just by others discovering me through the same hashtag channels.  I wish Instagram had analytics so I could figure out how many new friends I’ve made in the last 2 months.

Instagram has definitely become my favorite organic inspiration since Pinterest is such a black hole of inspiration overload (but I still love it!!)

What are your experiences with hashtags?  How do you best grow your reach?

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8 thoughts on “Improve Your Reach with #Hashtags

  1. Ali says:

    I do use targeted hashtags for clients on Twitter, but although I LOVE Instagram, I haven’t really experimented much with it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • knittedhome says:

      I totally understand! That’s exactly what I hated when I first saw them. So now I’ve started putting them below the caption. I’ve noticed others do this as well. It keeps it neat. πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah says:

    Hashtags are a lifesaver when trying to grow an IG following! I love that I can see the number of posts a hashtag has to help me decide which one might reach more people. I’ve also started using unused hashtags to document certain trips or experiences (#sarahinpdx was, surprisingly, unused and now holds my pictures from Portland, and my husband and I have one for our adventures around town).

    • knittedhome says:

      Hi Sarah, I completely agree! I strive to use less popular tags but that are still simple for others to stumble upon.
      Thanks for weighing in! What’s been your best hashtag for growing your followers?

  3. vanilla.nutmeg.chic says:

    When I first started using hashtags, I #didn’t #understand #lol. It was a lost art on me! After some time playing with hashtags, I became a believer for the same reason; hashtags connect me with ideas and people I would have never expected! I personally have a blog for self-love through beauty, planning, and productivity and have found the most successful tags have been #beautiful and #workinggirl. I know that might seem strange, but I plan to use these to my advantage in the future!

    Along the same lines as Sarah above, I have also used less-popular hashtags as markers for spring break, birthdays, specific parties, etc, and have had great luck with finding others I might not follow on social media but have personal relationships with at the party. We all know how it feels to be too far without being mutual followers on social media! πŸ˜›

    You did a great job articulating how we all feel about #hashtags! #thanks

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