Navy Blue Beanie

Last Thursday I finished Michelle’s blue beanie.  A nice, classic crochet beanie with one row of white along the edge for a little pop.  
It is amazing what one dash of a contrasting color with do!
Even with EJ on the move, I’m still finding little snippets of time to sit down and craft – even if I don’t get to blog about it much.  😦  So I’ve been trying to at least make myself post to Instagram.  Hope to see you there!

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Hair Bows & Bow Ties

I finally got around to trying this nifty little pattern back in March (was it really that long ago?), whipping up quite a few more than I intended, and I’m ecstatic to introduce it in the Etsy shop!

Add a bow to any hat or headband in the shot

I think this pattern was originally intended to be a little girl’s hair bow but I have been on a quest to find cute *boy* clothes & accessories before EJ was born.  Using my grandfather and his adorable bow ties as inspiration, I think these would make wonderful bow ties for a little boy!  What do you think??

I haven’t figured out how to safely (i.e. not a choking hazard) attach these around a little neck, but I’m open to suggestions.  In the mean time, I’m also selling these under supplies.

I plan to add many more colors soon; I just had this baby blue skein to use up.  What are you working on today?

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Soap Savers

You may have seen me mention these little things in passing (I believe the first time I even mentioned them was Flower Weekend back in May & then again in July at my first Art Walk) but it doesn’t look like I’ve ever really talked much about my Soap Savers on the blog.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen their debut at the Toledo Farmer’s Market:

This handy bath item is the perfect size to collect those little shards of soap in to get every last bit of use out of your soap, or you can even to store a whole bar of soap in it!  I describe them as self-refilling loofas/washcloths because once you have added soap to the inside of the pouch and started working a lather through its walls, it will continue to lather every time it is massaged.

Here is one of my friends who has used hers since last summer (about 6 months at this point).  She loves how well it lathers:

I’ve even found that it makes a nice scrubbie and would probably work to scrub dishes or the bathtub walls!  Does anyone else use a soap saver?

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E is for Elephant

Every third Saturday of the month is our monthly Sit n’ Stitch at Michael’s and my fellow crochet instructor brought an adorable elephant pattern that she has been using and made a copy for me!

Our workspace at the Sit n’ Knit.  Can you see our elephant heads?

Elephants have unofficially become the “animal” of the nursery (I think) after the baby shower had so many elephants on the gift bags, cards, and little linens – too cute!  So when I saw she was making a stuffed elephant, I just had to try my hand at one for our nursery.  And to my utmost surprise (because I normally loath crocheting little pieces to be sewn together) it whipped up quickly & sewed up quickly – just 5 or 6 hours!  And as an added bonus I was able to use up hole-y socks to stuff it 🙂

Didn’t he turn out just adorable?? 🙂

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A Few New Changes

A couple weekends ago, my wonderful husband organized 8 of our friends to come over and paint the second bedroom so we can start to convert it into a nursery.  

(please excuse the mess; this was only a couple days after painting)

As a bonus (and because we were ready for a change in the living room), they also painted the living room a cheery yellow.  🙂  I love how it looks when the sunlight pours in with its bluer light.  The table lamps are a little warmer in color so I’ve been on the look out for bluer LED bulbs to swap them out.

So far I have a handful of hand-knitted baby items made up (mittens, socks, hats, one blanket and one sweater) but I feel like a slacker that I don’t have more sweaters and more longies made up.

A few of the smaller items I have collected for Baby.

These bibs & washcloths are from BeastiesBabies

Lots of knitted socks & mittens

I also keep thinking I need to make a few outfit pieces (sweater dresses/jumpers and sweater vests).

What item(s) would you most recommend I make a priority to knit before baby is here?  Is there something that you are so happy you made and use all the time or highly recommend now that you have a little wisdom under your belt?  Please let me know!  

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Newborn No Scratch Mittens

I have to say I am now obsessed with knitting these little no-scratch mittens, thanks to Field*Wonderful.  And now that a good friend of mine has a newborn, I have a model for my baby items!
So far I have used up one whole skein of this blue & brown variegated baby yarn and made 8 pairs…
1 month old Charlotte models my first batch of mittens
And now I am working on some pink & yellow variegated mittens for the little girls on Etsy.
Both are soon to debut on Etsy this week!  Any favorites so far?  I have another blue & baby blue striped skein that’s just waiting to be made into more baby socks and no-scratch mittens.  Maybe I’ll even do little caps to make some sets. 🙂  

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