Gardening has Started!

Please forgive me for my lack of posting last week.  I’m happy to say the beautiful summer weather has finally made it to our neck of the woods!  So any nap times have been spent outside trying to clear away winter debris + get our property ready for summer beauty…

Sunday after EJ’s party, I was able to rally my hubby + in-laws to fill in the trench around our home addition with top soil.  Even the young boys next door wanted to help us shovel it out of the truck and into the wheel borrow.  I loved how quickly it went with so many hands!


Friday I finally planted two large rhubarb starts during nap time and I’m so excited to see them taking root.  Saturday hubby picked up a truck load of compost to spread on top of the topsoil, around the rhubarb and around the back side of the addition for the future blueberry bed.


After I planted the rhubarb I got to work pulling out all the grass taking over our 3 remaining raised beds.  (Two? years ago hubby had to remove 2 beds in order to bury our electric line to the house).


It is definitely taking longer than I wanted.


But I’m so thrilled to see all the earth worms that have taken up residence in the beds!  I don’t remember seeing ONE when we were building + tilling them 3 years ago.



my dad is starting my Amish paste tomato + bell pepper seeds since I don’t have access to a sunny south window this year (or the time to remember to water them) and he sent me this picture last night of the SPROUTS!

How is your garden growing?

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Summer Review

Another long-lost post that was started but never posted.  It is definitely fun to read through last year’s canning season to wet the palette for this year’s goals.  My goodness where has summer gone??  Nap times have been spent cleaning & keeping up with housework as well as the occasional canning session.  And since time is so fleeting as it is, blogging has unfortunately move to the back burner 😦  But not forgotten!  Many times I have snapped a picture and thought, “This would be a great blog post!” only to barely find time to post it to Instagram (better than nothing, right?)


June 25: strawberry jam
Aug 21: Green beans from the backyard garden

I started canning already-picked green beans from the garden and realized I had enough room for a couple more quarts.  Since EJ was still miraculously sleeping, I went out and picked more, washed & stuffed them in clean jars and even processed the whole canner before she woke up!  It was her first nap over 20 minutes – which turned out to be 3 hours long!

Sept. 8: Salsa & sauce
Aug. 24: Tomato pieces
Sept 14: Tomato Sauce

To my Mama friends, have you discovered Baby Wearing??  I feel like I just discovered an alternate universe with this lifestyle!  Here I thought cloth diapering had a following…

Here and there I have slowly started to carve out knitting time but I think it will pick up more when the colder weather sets in and I’m not busy with canning.  Even the garden has taken a hit of neglect 😦

I certainly hope my 2015 garden will be better tended than it was last year.  Maybe EJ will even get her hands dirty…  Are you planning any canning or gardening for Summer 2015?

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Seed Swap 2014

I promised some back-logged posts.  Unfortunately this one doesn’t have pictures :-\  But there is a great link about sustainability!  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.  More posts on the way!

I’m so ready for the snow to melt and spring to get here so I can start planting my seeds!

I love the annual Seed Swap that The Toledo Botanical Gardens hosts every year.  It is such a great way to get new, FREE seeds for the garden plus discover other local organizations that share and support similar interests.  This year I discovered Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission and I’m so excited to see what great improvements they bring to this area.  One of my long-time desires is actually on the THIS YEAR list!: Complete Streets!  (aka, safe road sharing between bicyclists, cars, & pedestrians!)

This year I picked up a lot of flower seeds for growing a variety in front of the white picket fence we will be putting in at the back of our yard, separating us from the alley, to replace the rotten one we took down our second summer here.

I also picked up a few veggie seeds for kolhrabi, beets, yellow squash & zucchini.   But my favorite finds this year were definitely the Sustainability Commission.

I also swung by the Plant Swap and picked up some lemon balm, white violets, gerber daisies, and citronella.  So far I planted the lemon balm in a planter, the citronella in a self-watering container, and the daisies & violets in a flower bed border.  The lemon balm is doing well, the citronella needs weeding and I haven’t checked on the flowers in a little while.  They are interplanted with poppies.  🙂

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Garden 2013 Begins

Friday I finally started some seeds (pictured) and planted one of our raised beds with beets, kohlrabi, kale and spinach.  Although it was a chilly 45* degrees and I’m sure I was a sight planting seeds in my winter coat, all four seed packets insisted I can plant “as soon as the ground can be worked.”  So that’s what I did. 

Here’s hoping they grow and no bunnies or deer or robins get to them before me.  🙂

Seeds started: 4 rhubarb, 4 butternut squash, 4 bell peppers, 4 yellow crook-neck squash, 8 broccoli.

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Sandy & More Mittens

I found frost in the garden bed & on my car this morning!

I hope everyone is fairing well during this hurricane.  I count myself among one of the lucky ones; we only had high winds (up to 40 mph I believe) and are forecasted to have rain through Wednesday (starting last night).  Anyone else ready to hunker down and start living off-grid? 😉

>>Which reminds me of my husband: while we were watching the second season of The Walking Dead, he said he wasn’t worried about us (if a zombie apocalypse happened) because we’d have the big farmhouse with a dairy animal, chickens, hunt meat (maybe keep a few pigs/rabbits), can from our veggie garden and make all that we need (aka, what we’re working towards now!).

But today’s hurricane gets you thinking about what you would do if the apocalypse happened NOW, rather than later when you’re all prepared…  Anyone else?

At least our hands will be warm…

1 medium child’s pair, 2 smaller child’s pair,
& 1 adult pair.

Now that I’ve started to commit this 3-year-old’s mitten pattern to memory, I’ve started my first color set.

“Seafoam Green”… great, bright color for kids, right?

Thanks for all the well-reception.  They will be in the shop later this week!

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