Home Addition: Siding + HVAC!

The siding is going up!  And it is exhilarating to see what the finished outside is going to look like!!  It is so hard to be patient after so long, but I keep reminding myself that so much can happen in a year (look at EJ!) that what is a few more weeks, if it means doing it right to enjoy it for (hopefully) many years to come.

The HVAC is in!  Not as exciting in pictures as the siding, but it is a major checkmark on our construction list.  It is 1 of 3 mechanicals that needs completed before we can get our inspection to start drywalling.  The electrical + plumbing are over half done(!)  And with the long holiday weekend, my in-laws came into town to help hubby work on the house(!)  Are they amazing or what?  =)  I’m sure getting to see + spend time with EJ had a major influence as well… 😉

Fireworks were enjoyed by the whole town (much to my frustration trying to get EJ to sleep with our paper-thin walls) + we enjoyed the company of our friends around bonfires each night of our 4-day weekend(!).

How did you celebrate America’s birthday?

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July’s ePattern:

This month I thought it’d be fun to do a “warm weather” project that won’t roast you while you work on it.  Unlike when I made an afghan in Bristol, Rhode Island while celebrating July 4th a few summers ago…

Trying to come up with a good warm weather project has definitely stumped me, though.  So I’ve been mulling over these questions…

“What items could be useful this season?”

“What do I enjoy making in the summer?”

“What fibers are enjoyable to work with when it’s hot?”

And these led me to… coasters… hot mitts… washcloths, soap savers, headbands… seat cushions and pillow covers.

So which one would you choose?

This month I chose to release the pattern for my simple double crochet round coasters.  This was my second coaster pattern after first making them in single crochet.  Even though I loved the sturdiness of the single-crochet ones, I love the softer texture + look of this design.  Not to mention they whip up so much quicker!

They are easily customizable in cotton (my first choice), acrylic, or any fiber that will hold it’s shape.

This month you can get $2 off your purchase with coupon code: 1Pattern4Me

What do you enjoy crafting when it’s hot outside?  What pattern would you like to see next?  PS – Happy 4th of July!  Have a great weekend! 🙂

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June 2015 Art Walk

Another exciting, highly-anticipated Art Walk was last (last) week!  
This time two one of my new friends from the Naturally Crafty Trunk Show joined us: Little Bare Furniture.  (Genesis Essentials was hoping to join us but couldn’t make it this month.)
A photo posted by Little Bare Furniture (@littlebarefurniture) on Jun 18, 2015 at 1:53pm PDT

With only so much space at our usual spot, Niki got creative with our table layout and I have to say she always impresses me with her ingenuity.  
I’m so glad she puts up with me + my love to connect with new friends 🙂  I have a habit of inviting more guests than there is space at parties simply because I hate leaving good friends out of the fun.  Can anyone else relate?

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating and we were rained out
(thunder + lightening!) by 7:45pm (the Walk is advertised from 5:30-9pm
but most vendors don’t pack up til 9:30pm because of last minute
sales).  I’m happy to report I made at least one sale and Niki + Ellen each made a couple sales so at least it was worth our effort to come out.  🙂

After such a busy + whirlwind Thursday evening, the next day was just as dizzying!  We had our first (highly anticipated) morning of canning jam among my mama friends + a playdate for the little ones. Poor EJ was so exhausted from missing her morning naps three days in a row (we picked the cherries Wednesday morning), but she sure had a blast with all her little buddies!

Canning count: I forgot to take an exact can count (whoops!) but we had 2.5 cases (~30 half pints) of cherry jam + 3+ cases (36 half pints + 6 pints) of strawberry jam.  Niki + O couldn’t join us so it was split between Jessica + I + a few cans to my mom for helping to watch EJ + BC (Jessica’s little one).

After such a haul – and having a constant batch going on
the stove like clockwork! –  we made enough cherry + strawberry jam for the year!  So now I have to start thinking about
peach + raspberry….  I’m excited for the Homemade Christmas gifts this
(Sorry, we were so busy that I didn’t have time to take pictures to illustrate the amazing “party” that was our canning frenzy!)

What has you pumped for the future? 

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A Dash of EJ

Well I wasn’t intending on taking off this week from blogging – I even had three posts all queued up waiting to go!  Then I checked them and realized I never got their images uploaded so the drafts were never scheduled to publish.  Whoops.  😦

So while we’re pretending I didn’t miss a beat 😉  I’ll get them all queued up to publish on schedule next week.  To make up for it, here is are a few cuteness overload pictures of EJ at the beach this past weekend (and why I forgot to finish *next week’s* images).

After the beach we went to dinner at Art’s Tavern and Cherry Republic for dessert.  Ellie loved smelling all the flowers + carrying her “own” bag.

Have you ever visited Glen Arbor, Michigan?  What is your favorite thing to experience there?

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Instagram Sample Sale!

With the home addition in its (hopefully) last month of construction, I have been eagerly anticipating moving Knittedhome into her new studio(!).  
And with that I have been organizing + reorganizing + purging anything that won’t have a dedicated space.  Including early samples.  
So today I am posting them on Instagram for your last chance to nab one of these beauties before they are gone.  
Any samples that aren’t purchased by the time construction is complete will be donated.
I hope you’ll take this opportunity to hop over to Instagram + snatch them up before they’re gone.
Please feel free to tag your friends in the comments (on Instagram).  I’d love to see these go to new homes instead of the donate bin 🙂  

Which one(s) are your favorite?  Even though it’s hard to let go, how do you make way for new inspiration?

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Improve Your Reach with #Hashtags

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a holdout for using hashtags when they first arrived on the social media scene.  I thought they looked so dumb in text updates + sometimes I couldn’t even read them right away because they were so long.  I was disgusted + turned off by them.

And then I started dabbing in Instagram tags. #CrochetersofInstagram #KnittersofInstagram #EtsySeller #EtsyShop.

And then I tried a few more specific ones #SpringShellBeanie #MiniCowl and my favorite #NaptimeSuccess.  And the glee I’ve experienced(!) when I discovered I’ve created a “new” hashtag (aka, there are no other photos listed with said hashtag).  I love continuing to tag more images of mine with these unique tags to create a personal collection of projects.

Which is what hashtagging is all about!  To collect similar images together that fit a specific demographic, image style, image subject, audience, and more!

Why did I not try this sooner??  So many new connections have now been opened to me to experience new like-minded creators + inspirations!  Not to mention the amount of traffic I’ve gained on Twitter + Instagram just by others discovering me through the same hashtag channels.  I wish Instagram had analytics so I could figure out how many new friends I’ve made in the last 2 months.

Instagram has definitely become my favorite organic inspiration since Pinterest is such a black hole of inspiration overload (but I still love it!!)

What are your experiences with hashtags?  How do you best grow your reach?

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A Rain Storm + Random Thoughts

Cue sounds + smells of an an evening thunderstorm with *tons* of soaking rain + that cooling breeze!  I have to fight the urge to open all the windows to air out + cool the house since it would soak everything nearby… But just a crack to let in the breeze should keep most of the rain out, right? 😉
Today is a random post of thoughts.  Starting with I cannibalized my blogging time to design my sister’s bridal invitations in a 1920s theme.  If there is one predictable thing about me, it’s that I’m always pushing the deadline (note: my blog post schedule).  So of course my mother + I want MUST get these invitations in the mail by the end of the week, if not sooner and do you think we’d have a design by now?  😉  
I’m happy to say we are well on our way to printing – hopefully tomorrow!  As soon as I get everyone’s approval I shall be hitting the Print button + begin the happy ballet of stuffing + addressing envelopes.  🙂
Other thoughts on my mind: blogging sadly hasn’t been one of them 😦  I had such an influx of inspiration last month that I wrote down all the titles + their summaries but trying to sit down + focus on fleshing them out has been difficult for me.  Hopefully next week I’ll feel renewed inspiration to blog.
One possibility could be the current push to get more house addition progress completed.  HVAC is scheduled to be installed this weekend + it looks like we might be doing siding by July Fourth, if not sooner.  Which means I get to plant my blueberries along the addition!  Can I just say how much I’ve been itching to beautify the exterior grounds?
The temporary wall came down between the existing house (kitchen) + the addition and it has gotten me anxious to see the kitchen renovation start.  So much space!  But first things first; I keep reminding myself the addition needs completed before the kitchen can start… and then I get a dishwasher… oh to have those 30 minutes a day to devote to blogging more cleaning.  😉
With all this rain, the seeds are sprouting like weeds!  I can’t wait to show you their progress in Monday’s post!

What’s been filling your thoughts lately?

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